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Project Description

TFS Build Destroy it's Extension for Team explorer 2013 and it allow to delete completely deleted builds.

Raison to use

  • 1- for clean TFS Data
  • 2- for resolve probleme TF42064: The build number already exists for build definition..., more info on this post


This extension is available here Or via Visual Studio Extension manager

Getting started

- Navigate to Team Explorer , right click on the build node and you will find Tfs Build Destroy menu .

The panel Tfs build destroy opened

- Choose you build definition in the combo Build Definition

- The list of deleted build (manuel or by retention) is showing in the combo Build Number
- Choose the build number to destroy.
- Click on Button Destroy selected build for permanently destroy the selected build number


- Confirmation message is showing on the top of the Team Explorer windows


Futur evolutions:

  • Compatible with other version of Visual studio
  • Destroy all build deleted in Build definition by one click

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